In our turn-key kitchen renovation projects,
we provide you with a day-by-day schedule of activities
and a 
guaranteed completion date!

Max Isley, Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer, offers an initial telephone consultation at no charge. During that time, he will review your plans by e-mail or fax and give you some ballpark pricing.

To obtain design expertise, we can proceed one of two ways.

  1. Max Isley, CMKBD, offers a 1.5 hour design consultation for a fee. This fee is applicable against the purchase price provided the new kitchen is ordered within six months. Various design options and possibilities are discussed and any hand sketches drawn are given to the client.
  2. When a client wishes to retain Max Isley, CMKBD, he asks for a design retainage fee (10% of the estimated cost) which would be applied against the purchase price. Max then meets with the client to brainstorm and discuss various design options and material possibilities. The client is provided with working drawings including floor plans, elevations and perspectives as well as specifications. All meetings are included in the 10% design retainage fee. All drawings become the client’s property. These fees are nonrefundable.

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As Max is both a licensed residential contractor as well as a Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer, either fee based option includes a no-charge consultation which includes a critique of final estimates and designs a client obtains from others.